LAUGHLIN BULLHEAD AIRSHOW – December 5, 2022 – The Laughlin Bullhead Airshow, presented by Findlay Auto Co., is excited to announce the first three confirmed acts! Brad Wursten, Jon Melby, and Bill Braack will be showing off their skills on April 1st, 2023. 

Brad Wursten, pilot of an MXS-R stunt plan, brings more than 1500 flight hours and fly’s one of the best aircraft for stunts. This plane weighs less than 1,100 pounds, formed mostly out of carbon, packed with over 385HP with the capability of reaching speeds of 400MPH. There is no denying, Brad will be one act we all want to see!

Jon Melby is a pilot that brings years of airshow experience and currently performs in 10-12 air shows a year all over North America and parts of Canada. Jon specializes in stretching the limit of what is possible in his airplane and he is also the founder of what he likes to call, FEARBOSS. Jon finds the line of fear and takes it further each time he fly’s, guaranteeing that he puts on a show to remember. 

Bill Braack is an act we will all want to be curb-side to watch. Bill, unlike the other acts, never leaves the ground and is still able to put on an amazing show! Bill’s act is known as Smoke and Thunder – a jet propelled drag car with the ability to reach speeds of 400MPH. This jet car is 26 feet in length weighting just over 2,600 pounds running off diesel fuel! Bill races along the airplanes and is known for being able to beat plans in a straight-away stretch of runway!

These three acts are just the beginning of an airshow you do not want to miss. To find out more information, subscribe to our email list by visiting our event home page at